New Media Design Concepts

All great inventions start with an idea. I love looking at conceptual designs for new media because it is not only fascinating but it is also intriguing to see what ideas actually come to fruition and which ones fizzle out. I found some really awesome new media concepts while searching through a few blogs. If you are looking to find the newest information on tech, art, and advertising concepts, I recommend The Cool Hunter Blog. Click on the links below to see the concept pages.

1. Cloud Sofa : I love this because it is using an elemental concept, magnetism, to make something really cool. I also love the idea of a floating sofa being a “cloud.” genius.

2. Chanel Perspex Briefcase : Slightly ironic because it exaggerates Chanel’s reliance upon highly superficial consumers, this briefcase is basically plastic clamshell packaging for a woman’s belongings. But, the jokes on the consumer because while Chanel might be selling it, the sad part is that it probably costs 10,000 and there are women out there who will buy it.

3. McFancy : As much as I hate this on so many levels, I think that it is completely genius on McDonald’s part. Appealing to the higher end consumer by plastering a fancy brand name on some french fries, the McFancy concept moves low-end fast food into a higher end market. Similarly, McFancy offers less affluent consumers a chance to purchase something from an exclusive brand for mere dollars. Like I said, it disgusts me but it’s brilliant marketing.

4. Apple Concepts : Although these are just concepts developed by apple users, I think that these are really cool.  Also, it made me realize that Apple’s simple and sleek design aesthetics make it an easy brand to expand to new markets and technologies.

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